Medtecs Global PPE Stockpiling Solutions

Medtecs is your best PPE stockpiling partner with over 20 years of experiences in providing tailor-made stockpiling solutions for your specific business needs. 


Customizable PPE Stockpiling Solutions to Suit Every Need

The Need For Efficient and Resilient PPE Stockpiles

The Covid-19 pandemic has put the spotlight on problems with the global supply chain and the traditional PPE stockpiling models. For example, the United States’ strategic national stockpile suffered from poor management, with many supplies becoming expired, leading to financial wastes and failure to provide timely assistance to hospitals during the peak of the pandemic. Canada’s National Emergency Stockpile System had an issue with expired supplies that persists to this day. 

Medtecs CoverU PPE manufaturing 美德醫療個人防護設備製造商
PPE Supply chain management-Medtecs

Key Elements of a Robust PPE Stockpile

Agile Supply Chain Management

PPE Inventory Rotation

Optimal Stockpile Storage & Distribution

Why Medtecs?

Choose Medtecs because we CARE:
we have the necessary Capacity, Agility, Reputation and Experience to be your trusted PPE stockpiling partner


We are the biggest non-China based PPE manufacturer with diverse PPE production sites and product offerings which are exported to over 30 countries around the world.


We have high proportion of recurring orders to help consume and replenish PPE inventory so the stockpiles are maintained at the desired safety level and within the expiry date.


We are dual-listed in Singapore and Taiwan with numerous certifications and recognitions


We have been providing stockpiling solutions to Singapore and Taiwan governments for 18 years

Our Clients

National Health Institute


Health Clinics


Nursing Home

Group Purchasing Organizations


Dental Practitioners

Public Sector Uniforms

Government Agencies

Drink Manufactuer

Drink Manufacturers

Food Processing Industry

Drink Manufacturers

Aviation industry

Aviation Industry


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