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Medtecs International Corporation Limited (“Medtecs”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) is a well-known healthcare products and services provider and a leading manufacturer of medical consumables. We commenced operations in the Philippines in 1989 and have since established a strong presence in the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific. Medtecs was incorporated in Bermuda in 1997 and currently is based in Taipei, Taiwan. We have offices and facilities spanning across Asia – in Taiwan, the Philippines, China and Cambodia, and has no operation save for a representative office in Singapore. Medtecs was listed on the Singapore Dealing and Automated Quotation System (SESDAQ) of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited on 6 October 1999 and transitioned to Catalist-sponsored regime with R & T Corporate Services Pte. Ltd. on 26 February 2010. Our Taiwan Depository Receipts were listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) on 13 December 2002.

Main business Lines


Medtecs’ main lines of business include manufacturing original products and providing integrated hospital services. As an original product manufacturer (OPM) of a wide range of medical consumables, and hospital and workwear apparels, Medtecs maintains manufacturing facilities located in the Philippines, China and Cambodia. 79% of our products are exported to the EU, 13% to the Asia Pacific and 8% to the US. As a hospital services provider, Medtecs provides hospitals in Taiwan and the Philippines with integrated services which include rental and laundry of linens, management of laundry facilities, hospital automation and other non-core hospital functions (also known as 3L (lease, laundry, logistics) services). Our Hospital Services division in Taiwan generates 90% of the revenue from hospital services while that in the Philippines accounts for 10%.

As at 31 December 2018, the total number of our employees is 4,738. This year, the Group’s revenue was up by 10.5% to US$68.3 million. Revenue from the Group’s Original Product Manufacturing (OPM) division increased by 13.8% to US$52.2 million; revenue from the Hospital Services division grew 4.6% to US$13.97 million.


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